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The Love. The Story.
The Team

“Last summer is when we met, dancing. The room was dark and the music was loud but there was something undeniable in the air. Being both over 6 feet tall, it was easy to spot one another from across the room. Once we did, it was then CJ parted the sea of people that separated us and headed straight towards me with confidence and determination in his step. When he reached me, he swooped me up as though he’d never let me go. It was the beginning of the most magical journey we’d ever know. It didn’t take us long to realize we are meant for eachother in every single way. That true love really does exist and you can find your soul mate, your best friend, and the love of your life in this one person. We were exactly what we had been looking for our entire lives, inside and out, sideways and backwards, we have met our match. Now that we’ve found it, we cherish it and are committed to never stop working towards it and building it. We are a team, HayCj. And we want to share it with the world and inspire LOVE. Because we were just two strangers who had stopped looking for love and it found us. We found us, and we’ll never let it go.”

1414. Lost Redwoods

Haylee looks stunningly out of this world beautiful in this designer wedding dress by Jillian Leigh, Hair & Make Up by Tamara Rex.


CJ is styled up in his Onyx Custom Suitin #OOTD Make Up by Tamara Rex and Hair by CJ.

Bride & Groom

She has her eye on the prise. Its all about the lighting.  Sunlight during the magic hour at sunset is pure magic.

1414. Lost Redwoods

Chic Style

CJ is drapped in the lates collection of Felly Tcho

1414. The Palace

Ethnic Style

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